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(Thorough Service Validation On Contractors Working Residential Sector of the United States)

“Americans who are legitimate private home decision makers arrive at better contract-related home project decisions when we perform the necessary research about how our projects are correctly done and  about the contractors we may use before we decide on whom we are going to hire."

What normally occurs when we do not prepare ourselves for safely authorizing contract-related projects (through service validations), is that we put ourselves in the very high-risk category for making bad decisions in scouting, selecting, contacting, and hiring contractors working residentially for our home projects.

In this view, the primary purposes for implementing, maintaining, and improving your "Home Service Validation System" are exclusively for enabling you, as a U.S. private home decision maker , to make better decisions about and to get better results from the people you hire to assist with your personal private home maintenance and improvement objectives..  

*As much as possible, please, hire rightly cleared and verified contractors who are actually based in your state.


The Standard System is subdivided into 3 Parts:

1. Legitimacy of contractor for doing business in your state

2. Public & Search Engine Integrity Rating

3. Current References/Feedback from Five(5), Different Private Home Residents in your state (NO COMMERCIAL REFERENCES)

Although many contractors in your state are not always from  your state, in itself, that is not so terrible. However, what is terrible is when they do business in your state but pay their operating  and variance fees and taxes  elsewhere....(assuming they are legit).

So one of the things you may want to do when considering a contractor is discover if whether or not that person or firm is registered to do business in  your state. You and other citizens of your state can use the cumulative extra millions/billions generated over the course of time by contractors who do not live where you do. Please, be certain contractors are cleared and in good standing for operating in your state.

National Offices & Sources for Researching Contractors in Your Area. Active Links [National  w/Specific Listing for Your State Sources]

Please, Find Your Geographic Area (State/Commonwealth/DC)  Click The Image Below  To Maximize Your Home Service Validation of Contractors!

Search Engine Research On Possible Individual and/or Firm Online Reviews (3 Most Popular)                    *Google                 *Bing                  *Yahoo!                        


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