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Home Priorities

"Home Priorities" presents very special private home related accounts of home maintenance and improvement events soliciting the support of contractors working in the residential setting. The object of this exclusive offering is to share thoughts about true-to-life contract-related experiences which can be helpful to you, as a U.S. private home head, towards making the best possible decisions in these matters.

Residential Demographic: Single-family, Duplex, or Small to Mid-sized Mansion/Estate; Income Bracket: Any


Shopping Online For Contractor Can Cost You

Are you willing to pay the price? You are cordially invited to view this video for reasonably answeranswer this question. Home is a business, too. Your home project? Constituent to the total business operations of the home are you home projects. Please manage well!

Please watch this video. There are many online contractor referral entities. Yet amoung the most widely known are ANGIES' LIST & HOME ADVISOR. After you experience this video, you may have second thoughts. By the way, on May 2, 2017 ANGIE'S LIST was acquired by HOME ADVISOR.

Footnote: According to (May 1, 2018), Angie's List is nationally rated with only 1 star of a representative sample of 401 people: 







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