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Home Service Validation System

HOME SERVICE VALIDATION: The practice of  contractor vetting which incorporates use of the "HOME SERVICE VALIDATION SYSTEM."

SERVICE VALIDATION FORM: The official contractor vetting form [BELOW]  which private home residents physically hand to contractors to take with them for entering all information which residents will use to learn the truth about such contractors before making a decision .

HOME SERVICE VALIDATION SYSTEM:  A strict, non-conventional system for  U.S. private home residents for legally  gathering information from  contractor candidates  looking towork on their properties and from various legal sources in order to make informed decisions about such candidates. 

Audio Recommendation For Blow -By-Blow Understanding Of The "Design" Of The "SERVICE VALIDATION FORM"   

Home Service Validation system

This vital website introduces to you what is regarded as the “Nation’s First Standardized Contractor Screening System.”  “Service Validation” is new vernacular for “contractor vetting” or “due diligence.”  What is introduced here is an entirely new aggressive approach to screening contractors who are candidates for residential projects. This is also free (without charge/solicitation) to U.S. private home heads.

Major Benefit: This system enables you to work more responsibly and efficiently towards scouting, selecting, and hiring only the BEST contractors for your special home maintenance and improvement projects.

"Home Service Validation System" is a private "Free-Style"  online home study course created under HGRBS auspices for the benefit of private home decision makers  residing in the United States. This site features the radical ultra-conservative system, of the same name, for safer and wiser screening  of private home maintenance and improvement contractors.

Free-Style = A home study course which you opt to take at your own pace, on your own schedule, any time you choose.

FOR ANY QUESTIONS OR CHALLENGES YOU MAY HAVE IN THE PROCESS, PLEASE "CONTACT" US USING THE HOVER LINK ABOVE (There is also a "CONTACT" link for your convenience at the bottom of each page).

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Among the leading reasons for most contract-related home maintenance and improvement improprieties in America is that private home decision makers neglect doing the necessary research on contractors. The "HOME SERVICE VALIDATION SYSTEM" is enormously instrumental in changing that. It all begins with the "SERVICE VALIDATION FORM" (Below). On this site,  you can learn how to:

1. Effectively use this ultra-modern form.

2. Successfully develop its complementary system.

3. Learn several working strategies for making the best possible contractor selection and hiring decisions.

*This is apparently the nations's first residential contractor vetting system of its type which is recommended for standardization for members of our private home sector.



Please Click On Image Below To View, Download, & Make Hard Copies Of Your "SERVICE VALIDATION FORM" 

Recommended hard copy size you hand to each contractor or for each contract firm: 8.5" x 11"


Contractor Is Required To Complete This Form OFF PREMISES


Contractor's Numeric Instruction Sheet For Filling Out The Form

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